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S. Arabia restores regional partnership to ensure Security: Ambassador

Moscow, The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation, outlining the latest divisions in the region and the world, expressed hope that Saudi Arabia instead of resorting for security and removal of problems to the foreign countries must restore to regional cooperation.

Mehdi Sanaie at a conference at the Academy of Sciences of Russia said Iran-Russia cooperation to restore stability and tranquility is a successful model for regional cooperation.

Referring to the cooperation between Iran and Russia, the official highlighted, Tehran and Moscow are representatives of two Eurasian and Asian civilizations, and as two powers, they play an important role in linking these capacities.

Sanaie called Iran-Russia cooperation a successful example of regional cooperation, and said that Iran-Russia engagement has led to the weakening of terrorism and the restoration of peace in most areas of Syria.

He said that the countries of the region should pass bipolar era to regional cooperation and noted Turkey's accession to this process was an important step and we hope that Saudi Arabia will also join this regional structure by shifting its policies.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran referred to the role of regional organizations such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Eurasian Economic Union and the ECO to strengthen peace and stability in their peripheral regions.

Regional organizations also play a constructive role. Of course, cooperation in this framework does not necessarily mean denying or not paying attention to supranational powers,' the official highlighted.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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