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Saadi Foundation signs MOU with Beijing University

Tehran Saadi Foundation and the Beijing University of International Studies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of expanding educational and research cooperation in the field of Persian language and literature.

The agreement aims to strengthen and expand the Persian language and literature abroad, and to boost synergy and integration in the activities pertaining to academic studies and optimal use of the capacities available inside and outside Iran.

'Saadi Foundation' was established in 2012 to adopt strategic management and execution of the educational, research, cultural, and media activities to promote the Persian language and literature abroad, based on the objectives, policies, strategies, and regulations governing the international cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Following Beijing University of International Studies request over the past several months to reach an agreement with the Saadi Foundation through the Iranian ambassador and Iranian cultural attache' to China, the university president and accompanying delegation visited Iran and signed MOU with the head of Saadi Foundation.

Ji Jinbiao, President of Beijing University of International Studies, cited to the historical background and relations between Iran and China, saying, "Our university is international and based on the goal of "One Road and One Belt" which is the official policy of the Chinese government. That is, we are planning to teach languages along the route of this ancient road, such as Persian, Turkish, Hindi.

He said that due to the geographical distance, there is still no good knowledge of Iran in China and more should be done, adding that We must strive for tourism development because when Chinese tourists travel to Iran, their mindset about Iran changes. They might not even have thought of Iran as such a beautiful and advanced country before travel to Iran.

Gholamali Hadad Adel The head of the Saadi foundation said that Iran and China are two ancient civilizations with longstanding ties, and we can say that they are one of the few countries that have been one of the strongest pillars of Asian civilization throughout history, and we are pleased that in recent years bilateral relations have been established. It has expanded well and is now at its best level.

"Both countries have a common enemy in the name of the United States, which is bringing new hostile pressures against them every day and that is what it simply unites us, though this is not the only reason for the two nations to work together," he said.

Haddad Adel the don of of Tehran University stated: Relations between Iran and China should not be restricted to culture and politics. It's about opening the door to economics and politics.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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