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Sabotaging Iran N-deal not a smart policy: Pak daily

Islamabad, Pakistani leading English news daily strongly believes that sabotaging Iran nuclear deal by the US would not be a smart policy.

Daily 'Dawn' in its editorial comments said that the Iranian government is quite clear: a new deal or renegotiated deal means no deal.

It added that while the Europeans tried to convince Donald Trump not to scuttle the deal as the May 12 deadline for the US president to recertify it approaches, there is little evidence they were successful.

The US and its allies must realise that torpedoing the JCPOA will create a new conflict in the Middle East with devastating consequences for all. But perhaps that is what the cabal of hawks that currently surrounds the US president wants, it said.

The newspaper added that it is in the interest of regional and world peace, the US leader should carefully consider the consequences before announcing his choice.

However, if there are issues that the US or the Europeans feel need to be addressed, they should open the channels of dialogue with Tehran and discuss these.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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