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Saipa offers new products despite sanctions

Mashhad, The managing director of Saipa Group said on Wednesday that despite restrictions created by sanctions against Iran, the automaker has production of new automobiles on its agenda.

Mohsen Qasem Jahroudi added on the second day of the 18th International Automobile Exhibition in Mashhad that the company managed to unveil a one hundred percent Iranian-made automobile in the past month which was the outcome of the Iranian experts and engineers' round-the-clock efforts.

The product unveiled in Shiraz exhibition complies with the modern international standards, he said, All will see that we are able to market new products even in sanctions era.

Iran's automaking industry has no limitations for activities in anywhere across the world, except the US, as the US sanctions have become threadbare, the official said.

Referring to marketing of a new truck assembled in Iran in cooperation with the China, he added unveiling the product revealed that most countries are still cooperating with Iranian automaking industry.

The 18th International Automobile Exhibition is underway in Mashhad and will continue until August 10.

Some 100 Iranian and 30 foreign companies are displaying their products in the ongoing exhibition.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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