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Sanctions leave no impact on volume of petrochemical exports: Official

Tehran, Deputy Petroleum Minister for Petrochemical Affairs Reza Norouzzadeh said on Tuesday that presently there is no concern for export of petrochemical products to world countries, thanks to amicable ties between Iran and the rest of the world.

In fact, the new waves of economic sanctions will not reduce volume of Iran's petrochemical and the country has the option to maintain its market, he said.

Speaking to reporters, he said it is predicted that export of petrochemical products earns the country one billion dollars per month parts of which will be dedicated for purchase of required equipment and facilities for petrochemical units while the rest will be allocated to meet demands of other products and services.

Policies set by CBI will define rate of foreign currencies which is to be offered to the Secondary Market, he said.

With reliance on our invaluable experiences, we are ready to deal with upcoming economic sanctions, he said.

Iran should bolster and broaden ties with other countries in the world to prevent the US from forming any coalitions against the country, Norouzzadeh said.

'Iran is very capable and we are in a position to protect ourselves from mounting pressures might be exerted by the economic sanctions,' he said.

Last year Iran exported some $12 billion of petrochemical products and the same policy is now applied, Norouzzadeh said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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