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Sanctions of Iran, Hezbollah proof of hostile nature of US

Qasem Saleh, Secretary-General of the General Conference of Arab World Parties, said on Tuesday that restoration of the United States unilateral sanctions against Iran and imposition of cruel sanctions against Hezbollah proved the hostile and aggressive nature of the United States.

In a statement, Saleh reiterated that the President of the United States Donald Trump's decision to sanction Iran proved Washington's hostility to the peoples of the region, being a flagrant violation of international conventions and international law, according to the Lebanese television channel Al-Manar.

Secretary General of General Conference of Arab World Parties added that White House's move represents a moral fall and Washington's apparent involvement in domestic affairs of other countries.

The Washington outrageous decision to restore sanctions against Iran, along with the sanctions against Hezbollah, shows that White House is trying to undermine the resistance axis that has won many victories against the Zionist-American coalition, the statement said.

Saleh in this statement urged the UN Security Council to take appropriate positions to stop the American cruel decision.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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