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Saudis must acknowledge Iran’s role in region to resume diplomatic ties

He made the remarks in his speech to the conference of global diplomatic council in London.

Baeedinejad he said that Iran is a big country in the region and Iranian nation have a record of over seven thousand years civilization in the region and they have no need to annex any country to their territory.

The Iranian people throughout the history have proved themselves and have formed a powerful country. Iranians are not worried whether or not to be recognized by the other countries, he said.

In the past 300 years ago, Iran did not attack any country but always has cooperated with others, he said.

Baeedinejad said that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein imposed eight-year war on Iran in 1980 at the behest of the United States and the imposed war devastated Iranian economy.

He said that we did out best to stay apart from literature of war but regretfully the tensions continued in another form.

Iran did its best to resolve nuclear dispute and help remove tensions but Saudi Arabia spared no efforts to bring the accord to defeat, he said.

Even after nuclear accord the Saudi Arabia did not change its hostile policies and tried to persuade the US congress to avoid approving Iran's nuclear accord, he said.

Saudi Arabia ignores Iran's role in the region and try to encourage other regional countries to follow the suit, he said.

Iran's relations with the countries in the region have roots in the history and the efforts made by Saudi Arabia to stir up hostility toward Iran account for futile attempts, he said.

Saudi Arabia severed relations with Iran unilaterally, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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