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SaudiUS nuclear deal threatening Middle East security: Expert

New York, A nuclear expert says US nuclear weapons policy in the Middle East is dangerous.

Secretary of Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space Bruce K. Gagnon pointed to dangerous US weapon policies in the Middle East, including the secret nuclear deal between Washington and Riyadh, and said that the Trump government's approach is contrary to Washington's claim for the dismantling of armaments in the region and has proven to be a dangerous development for Middle East security.

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday, Bruce Gagnon accused the president of the United States of violating the global arms control treaties, saying that US claims to dismantle conventional and nuclear weapons are deceptive.

He highlighted that Donald Trump's policies against international multilateral treaties and agreements, including the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), showed that America had become a disruptive factor in global efforts to contain the nuclear and nonnuclear arms race.

Donald Trump said on Friday at the The National Rifle Association that he would withdraw his country's signature from the arms control treaty, which was signed by Barack Obama in 2013 but failed to be approved by the Congress. He said he would ask the Senate to never approve it.

One of the goals of the treaty was to prohibit the sale of weapons to individuals or states that violate human rights.

** US; factor of proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The nuclear expert criticized the Trump government's approach to global disarmament, saying that the essence of American politics is the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and arms races in the world.

Gagnon made the remark that On the one hand, they are talking about the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction; on the other hand, with nuclear weapons, they surround Russia, Iran and China militarily, with an expanding NATO. NATO is also expanding in AsiaPacific via New NATO Partnership with AsiaPacific states, and it has sought to siege China in eastern Asia by recruiting in and contracting with the countries of the region.

'We should see what the United States and the Pentagon are doing in practice, otherwise their words it's not worth to consider. Continued expansion of military bases worldwide and missile defense systems that are at the heart of US preemptive strike against its rivals indicate that US officials' remarks on nuclear disarmament is void.

Secretary of Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space stated, I do not personally see any seriousness in their remarks. I remember that former officials in Department of Defense in George Bush Administration were saying that we should no longer sign any agreement because it will limit our ability to dominate the world. We see the objective realization of this argument in the Trump era.

Gagnon underlined that The United States withdrew from a nuclear deal with Iran and from an IntermediateRange Nuclear Forces Treaty. The United States refuses to discuss the United Nations debate on prevention of the arms race in space. Also, the future of START treaty with Russia is at danger. I believe that this is a process that in practice shows that the United States is taking step against the nuclear disarmament process.

** Cooperation with Saudi, Israeli regimes embarrassing

The American expert, pointing to a secret deal between the Trump government and the Saudis, said the transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia shows that America's real strategy in the world is to foster in arms and nuclear race.

Gagnon noted that Nuclear cooperation with Saudi Arabia is aimed at consolidating the antiIranian coalition in the region. This is a major threat to the security and stability of the region.

Expressing that the Trump government is secretly cooperating with the Saudi regime, he said, 'This is a very provocative, and it will be a major factor of instability in the region. Unfortunately, the US has become today the golden ally of one of the worst monarchy regimes in the world. It is a shame that we should be Saudi and Israeli supporters.

** US and nuclear competition on Korean Peninsula

If the United States really wanted North Korea's nuclear weapons to be dropped and dismantled, it would first have to decrease its military bases in Korean Peninsula, and reduce the size of its military plans in the region. It is not at all conceivable that Pyongyang would abandon its nuclear program., secretary of Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space made the remark.

'We are moving towards a nuclear arm race around the world,' Gagnon said. We have left the unipolar world, but the United States thinks it can prevent the realization of the multipolar world by increasing its own weaponry power and maintain its military superiority until the last days.

IRNA asked that, given North Korea's request to remove US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo form talks, has there been a division within the White House between Trump and his Secretary of State on the continuation of negotiations with Pyongyang.

The expert replied, 'I don't have any Idea whether there is a division inside the White House. But I think North Korea's request is right and correct. Pompeo is an arrogant .I supports their position on that.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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