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Senior cleric hails Iranian officials’ stance at UN

Tehran, Tehran's Friday Prayers Leader praised the strong stance of Iranian officials at the 73rd meeting of United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The strong, humane rationale of the Iranian representatives who took an anti oppression and anti unilateralism approach during the talks at the global body, ran counter to the absurd, bullying, abnormal, illegal, aggressive rationale of US President Donald Trump as the boss of the arrogant powers, Mohammad-Ali Movahedi-Kermani said at the Friday Prayers sermon.

The arrogant powers are in a deep sleep, he said, and they would not get awake until they are slapped at their face.

The US president had never imagined the day at the UN General Assembly when all heads of states laughed at him, the cleric said, cautioning the US president of the day that he would cry for himself.

Trump's policies have always been ridiculed by the countries, even those in the Europe, Movahedi-Kermani said.

'What a bigger humiliation for Trump than begging Iran for talks, while Iran is refusing,' he said.

Commenting on the recent terrorist attack in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, the Friday Prayer leader said that such indiscriminate terrorist acts are the weapons of weak people who do not have the power of reasoning, a good conduct to impress others, and therefore they resort to violence, terror, and murder.

The terrorist attack that targeted a military parade on Saturday killed 24 and injured at least 60. A group, calling itself al-Ahwazieh, claimed the responsibility.

The cleric also praised the recent parliamentary election in Iraq as a prudent, revolutionary action and congratulated the country's parliament choice of speaker.

Iraq held the national parliamentary election in May. Muhammad al-Halbusi has been elected as the speaker of the legislative body in the country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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