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Senior expert urges Europe to stand against US perpetrators of sanctions

Tehran A prominent lawyer from Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies criticized vehemently and slammed the US sanctions against Iran which have seriously affected the treatment of Iranian patients and emphasized charging the perpetrators before a judicial forum.

Reza Nasri on Tuesday released a Twitter thread on the impact of the US sanctions on the process of treating Iranian patients.

“If true to their creed, Human right organizations and Western countries’ domestic courts should step in and do their best to impede international criminals like @SecPompeo from (re)gaining power in the U.S,” the message reads.

“Before Trump’s withdrawal from #Iran’s nuclear agreement (#JCPOA), the “Gamma knife Centre in Iran” had managed – over the course of a decade – to treat more than 10,000 brain tumor patients by using advanced radiosurgery technology,” he added.

“The non-invasive methods used at this center allowed Iranian radiotherapists and oncologists to accurately identify the locations of eligible head and neck cancerous tumors and target them with gamma rays saving 1000s of lives with minimal side-effects in the process – at a cost largely covered by Iran’s national healthcare system.”

Criticizing the US for imposing cruel sanctions against Iran, Nasri said: “Today, as US sanctions impede the import of the ‘cobalt’ resources needed to run the equipment, the treatment is effectively discontinued and thousands of Iranian patients are left with few alternative options.”

“Those eligible for open surgery (and only those) can opt for invasive craniotomies with all the risks of mortality, morbidity, and cognitive impairment associated with such procedures,” he noted.

“Others may wish to seek treatment at the closest center offering the same medical service in the region (Turkey) but at a cost of about $10,000 to $15,000,” Iranian official stated.

“Assuming generously that an average middle-class Iranian employee would make 50M Toman (Iran’s currency) a year – and considering the sharp devaluation of Iran’s currency against the dollar as a result of US illegal sanctions (1 Dollar = 25,000 T) – this means that the alternative treatment in Turkey would cost the average middle-class Iranian patient at least the equivalent of 5 years of his/her annual salary.”

“The so-called Iran “hawks” in Washington, shady organizations such as the FDD and their mouthpieces in the US media may attempt to spin and whitewash this crime (or even boast about it) in any way they want, but the truth is that today.”

“Because of Trump administration’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy – thousands of Iranian brain tumor patients are practically left with NO real treatment options,” Nasri stressed.

“And this is just a mild example illustrating the US-made silent slaughter that is going on in Iran.”

“The sad part is that the perpetrators of these high crimes – Trump, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Brian Hook & their clique in so-called ‘think tanks’ – are not even facing soft calls for accountability over this rampage…let alone some sort of charge or indictment before a judicial forum.”

“Rather – while brazenly boasting about their criminal record on Iran to gain the favors of particular lobbies – they’re running for re-election, aspiring to higher jobs or positioning themselves to run for president in 2024.”

“The sadder part is that the international community cannot count on the American public to pull their reins or quell their aspirations either,” Iranian expert reiterated.

“The American public opinion is just too indoctrinated, too resentful of international norms, too distant and too alienated from the realities of this world to make the right calls when it comes to assessing the foreign-policy records of its politicians or picking its leaders.”

“In fact, ‘stage performance’ & shallow criteria – such as a candidate’s physical features or (lately) his ability to memorize 5 words in order – could turn out to be much more of a “determining factor” to the outcome of US elections than any real important substantial issue.”

“Likewise, US allies and Western governments and officials are either too complicit or often just too feckless to take a firm stance when faced with their American counterparts’ commission of war crimes or broader crimes against humanity.”

“Inter-state organizations – such as the UN or the ICC – are also either too weak, too intimidated, too structurally deficient or too dependent on US funds to have a real impact on US behavior on the world stage.”

“So in practice, the only gleam of hope against the perpetrators of these high Int’l crimes are civil societies, specialized non-governmental organizations operating in the field of Human Rights and genuinely “independent” judiciary branches of some (mostly) Western countries who’ve shown some level of commitment to their creed in the past.”

“In fact, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and the French League for Human Rights (LDH) have on their record the filing of a criminal complaint with the Paris Prosecutor against Donald Rumsfeld for his alleged role in ordering and authorizing the torture of war detainees in violation of fundamental norms of International Humanitarian Law.”



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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