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Senior MP: Iran doubts US seriousness in fight against terrorism

He made the remarks in a meeting with French reporters and researchers at Paris International Diplomatic Academy.

'Tehran doubts the US seriousness in fight against terrorism as far as we see airlifting food supplies to Daesh and attacking the positions of the Syrian army.'

Developments in the eight years of sacred defense and unfair economic sanctions imposed on Iran taught Iranians to be dependent on defense capability, he said.

Iran is a peaceful nation and opposed to nuclear and chemical weapons but there is a nuclear power in the eastern borders and the Zionist regime stockpiled some 200 nuclear warheads, Boroujerdi said.

In the past two years, a small country like Yemen was targeted by all types of modern weapons but the attacks were condemned merely by a statement, but, they raise hue and cry for hanging of a murderer in Iran, he said.

Five years ago, Syria was an ordinary state but now it is the home for tens of thousand of terrorists, he said.

In Syria, the people should find enough chance to make decision on their fate, he said.

Following the recent visit paid by President Rouhani to Paris, Iran-France relations are at a new stage, he said.

Iran's policy towards the European and western governments is based on mutual respect, Boroujerdi said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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