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Shawwal moon sighting in Saudi Arabia today

The Saudi Supreme Court has called on all Muslims throughout the kingdom to sight the moon of Shawwal on Saturday evening (29 Ramazan), 1438 H (June 24).

(samaa.tv) -- In an announcement, the Saudi Supreme Court said that whoever sees the Shawwal crescent moon by the naked eye or binoculars should report to the nearest court and register his testimony.

According to astronomical projections, there is a chance of seeing the moon on the 29 of Ramazan on Saturday.

If the moon sighted, the Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf states and some North African countries will celebrate Eid.

In Pakistan, Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will meet in Peshawar on June 25 in connection with Shawwal moon sighting.

Pakistan Meteorological Department has already predicted that Eid-ul-Fitr is likely to fall on June 26.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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