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Shazand refinery to produce 3.5m super gasoline

Tehran, A member of Majlish Energy Commission said on Saturday that Shazand refinery in Arak, Markazi province, currently undergoing overhaul, will produce 3.5 million liters of super gasoline to help cover shortages.

Jalal Mirzaei added that Refinery and Distribution Company has taken measures to settle super gasoline shortage in the market, as Shazand refinery will prioritized production of Euro 4 fuel, whose features are equal to super gasoline.

He also said that since the second stage of Setareh Khalij Fars Refinery has come on stream, currently there is no need for fuel imports.

Average consumption of gasoline hit a record of 121.7 million liters on July 22.

Average daily consumption of gasoline registered an increase of over 8.5 percent compared to the figure for the year earlier.

Daily super gasoline consumption in Iran stands at four million liters.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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