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Shows Syrian Army Troops Advance through Rebel-Held Areas

The Syrian army continued its advance in rebel-held eastern Aleppo as they edge closer to seizing control of the Syrian city.

A video released by the Syrian Central Military Media, the Syrian army's media branch, purported to show the aftermath of shelling in east Aleppo on Tuesday.

It also appeared to show people gathering at a meeting point and boarding buses to leave the area, AP reports.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said Wednesday more than 50,000 out of an estimated quarter-million inhabitants had been displaced by attacks on rebel-held eastern Aleppo over the past four days.

Many of them fled to safer ground in areas under government or Kurdish control.

Activists said later on Wednesday that at least 21 people had been killed in a barrage on a housing area for those displaced in east Aleppo

Source: Al Alam

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