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Significant Participation of Iranian Researchers and Academics at International Events

Prof. Salar Amoli, the Acting Minister for International Scientific Cooperation of MSRT announced a fair increase in the admission of Iranian lecturers, researchers and students to universities aboard, where world's pioneers in science and technology have shown great interest in expanding and strengthening scientific cooperation with Iran.

Porf. Salar Amoli noted that the analysis of our statistical data shows that in spite of all local and international constraints and challenges, we have been witnessing an increase of 9% in the participation of Iranian academics, researchers and students at international scientific events (in comparison to last year) such as sabbatical leaves, training workshops, courses and programs.

The head of the Center for International Collaboration also added: "The purpose of such cooperation is for the participants to exchange technical knowledge, keep up to date with the world's top technologies and innovation, participate in international joint venture research projects and promote the international scientific rank of universities and research institutes.

He announced that in 2018, the total of 2168 foreign researchers and academics visited Iran, to participate in various activities such as attending scientific conferences, conducting joint projects and training courses, as well as jointly supervising postgraduate students. Prof. Salar also announced that over the past year, 1022 Iranian academics, researchers and scholars also attended various international scientific events and collaborated in major research projects in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, China, etc.

Source: Ministry of Science Research and Technology

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