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Smart economy driver of success in int’l markets

Ilam Digital transformation and smart economy are the necessities of Iran's economy, where banks, insurers and economic units must receive the necessary training, said deputy minister of economy in banking, insurance, and state-owned companies.

Abbas Memarnejad said at a meeting of the Ilam Province's Banking and Insurance Coordination Council on Sunday that digital transformation must be pursued in economic systems because it is different from electronic systems, and training needs to be provided.

He added that making the systems digital is different from making the systems electronic, in digitalization every organization has to explain, simplify its business model and use new technologies to serve people.

The official stressed that undoubtedly, reforming the processes will bring more profit for banks and insurers and remove much of their current costs.

Digital transformation in the direction of the smart economy is an urgent need of the society to be implemented and new technologies must be used to transform the economy, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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