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Some countries not cooperative in drugs campaign

Islamabad, Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Chief of Anti-Narcotics Campaign Police General Mohammad-Masood Zahedian says some countries and governments are not cooperative enough in fighting drug mafia.

Addressing police forces of some countries in Islamabad, Zahedian said drugs production in Afghanistan increased to 9,000 tons this year from 185 tons in 2001.

He said drug production in the provinces in central Afghanistan shows 267 percent increase.

Outlining Iran's drug campaign program, Zahedian said the Islamic Republic of Iran has lost 3,700 of its citizens as 12,000 others have turned disabled in the campaigns. He added that Iran has tried to provide security for itself and other countries as well.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said instead of helping Iranian police on common borders with Afghanistan, they gave outdated equipment to Iran. He added that for instance, 18 kg jackets which are not suitable for police fighting the drug traffickers were given to Iran by a country .

'International assistance have been tiny and limited and the support, if any, have not been concrete,' he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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