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Sound bomb blast SE Iran not security in nature: Official

Zahedan, The explosion of a sound bomb in Zahedan, southeastern Iran, on Friday morning was not a security type of incident, local police chief said.

Elaborating on the details of the acoustic device that went off in Saravan, Colonel Ahmad Azarkish, police chief of the city said, 'The loud bang was caused by a homemade firecracker detonated by illegal drug smugglers.'

The anti-drug forces in an operation managed to seize some 900 kilograms of various kinds of illegal drugs as well as a number of weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and Kalashnikovs.

The firecracker was set off by the smugglers at the same time the operation was underway, he said, adding that there was no major damage or casualties.

Saravan, bordering Pakistan, is 347 kilometers from Sistan-Baluchestan province's capital, Zahedan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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