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Spokesman: Arab League FMs statement not all regional states viewpoints

Tehran, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said unconstructive statement increases gap in countries' relations and added that the statement is not viewpoint of the regional countries and it only echoes special viewpoint of some countries.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry, Qasemi in reaction to final statement of 'quadrilateral committee of Arab League foreign ministers' on Thursday said that worthless and unconstructive statement of the committee has no achievement except deepening distrust and increasing gap among regional countries.

He added that all four member countries of the committee know that Iran could not be affected by such hostile acts based on chronic illusion and would not change its independence policy in opposing invasion against Yemen, fight with terrorism and presence of transregional forces in the Persian Gulf.

Qasemi stressed that Iran believes that regional countries should move in direction to create sustainable security upon collective cooperation with all countries of the region.

The spokesman said countries of the region should put aside their hostile, sanction, besiege policies and effort to eliminate a country from regional equations and military invasion and spend their expenses for confidencebuilding and formation of regional comprehensive structures for cooperation instead of spending for unconstructive measures.

He underlined that these states should take responsibility for their destructive policies in creating, continuing and worsening crises like Yemen crisis and human catastrophe in that country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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