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Spokesman: US biggest violator of Iranians’ human rights

Tehran, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said the US government is the biggest violator of Iranians' human rights because it has spared no efforts to impose illegal and unilateral sanctions.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry, he made the remarks in reaction to the US States Department's annual report concerning human rights situations in other countries.

He noted that though the US is accusing other states for human rights situation, its own heavy dossiers of human rights violation has been severely criticized by many other governments, public opinion, international nongovernmental organizations, activists and human rights characters, UN and its special rapporteurs.

The report points to cases in connection with human rights situation that are outcomes of wrong analysis and political interpretation.

Qasemi said that the US, as a country which has such a black and nondefendable record in this area, has no place to make such statements.

The foreign ministry spokesman further underlined that such remarks come in spite of the fact the US is exercising unilateralism and following policies and behaviors which are contradictory to international standards of human rights.

It aslo ignores decrees of international tribunals and views.

He further believed that the UN special rapporteur on human rights is still misusing human rights to achieve its political goals and imposes pressures to sabotage stability, security and development of independent states.

Unlimited support for the Zionist regime to violate the most obvious rights of Palestinians, selling advanced weapons to its allies in the Middle East and support them to destabilize region and their neighbors, support to continue invasion against Yemen and intensify human catastrophe in Yemen are among other US human rights violations, which should be accountable for their crimes before world people, he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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