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STEP urges Muslims’ to collaborate to tackle challenges

Tehran, It's time to join hands to overcome challenges in the Islamic world through science and technology, said the executive secretary of the 4th round of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP), which is in the works in the Omani University of Sultan Qaboos

The average level of collaboration in science and technology among different countries is around 65 percent. This is while this figure within the Muslim states stands at less than 40 percent, said Rassoul Dinarvand in his opening speech of STEP early on Sunday, according to media reports of Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF).

He said that in some countries, human resources is a major edge, but some other countries are powerful in terms of financial resources, adding the combination of these two resources can lead to accelerated advancement in science and technology.

Networking and collaboration can enhance the potential. If we come together, the benefit is for all, he continued.

Some 80 scientists from 20 countries as well as 200 academics, students and scholars from Oman have come under one roof to participate in the 4th round of STEP, which started its work on Sunday and will continue for 4 days.

The event is coorganized by the MSTF and Sultan Qaboos University. Over 60 renowned scientists from 16 countries will gather under one roof on December 3 to discuss issues such as health, energy, and water.

In this round of STEP summit, Mustafa (PBUH) Prize laureates such as Jackie Ying, Professor Erol Gelenbe and Professor Mohammad Amin Shokrollahi will participate.

When you bring scientists together, they will speak in the same language. So, here [in STEP], we have people from different laboratories exposing their experiences, their products and achievements, Dinarvand added.

Member of the MSTF Board of Directors, Professor Saeed Sarkar, believes that the Islamic community is divided, and so is the scientific community in the Islamic world. However, he sees a bright future for the status of science and technology in Muslim countries in light of MSTF's initiatives such as STEP.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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