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Syria, Iran to set up joint factories in coming days

Tehran, Iran and Syria are set to establish three joint factories that will supply the country with vital staples such as anticancer medicine, baby formula and cars.

Representatives of Syrian and Iranian businesses held talks on Tuesday in Damascus to set up three companies before the upcoming Eid alAdha (Muslim sacrifice rituals) August 12.

We are moving from consumption products sector towards industrial sector to achieve a solid period for the Syrian industry, said Amin Nahhas, secretary of SyriaIran joint economic committee, on the sidelines of the meetings held at Sheraton Hotel in the Syrian capital.

The factories will manufacture cars, produce baby formula as well as the anticancer medicine.

We are considering establishing very modern industries in construction, health, medicine, milk sectors to break the unjust coercive measures imposed on Syria, added Nahhas.

The SyriaIran joint economic committee was formed in January in a bid to pave the way for the creation of SyriaIran joint chamber of commerce.

Iran is keen on dominate Syria's reconstruction market as Damascus moves to rebuild itself.

Also, in Iran, Syrian Ambassador Adnan Mahmoud called on Iranian companies to take active part in Syria's reconstruction.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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