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SYRIA: Over 30 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Deir Ezzur

The Syrian army continued military operations in Deir Ezzur and killed tens of terrorists, among them Saudi, Moroccan and Egyptian nationals.

The Syrian army forces targeted the ISIS bases in al-Roshdiyeh and al-Sana'iyeh districts and al-Jafra village in the Eastern parts of Deir Ezzur killing over 20 terrorists and blewing up their weapons and ammunition.

The Syrian soldiers stationed in Deir Ezzur airbase also clashed with the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern side of the airbase, leaving 10 militants dead.

Also in response to the terrorists' attempts to attack the military parts of al-Jafra in the Southeastern side of Deir Ezzur, the army units inflicted heavy casualties on them and destroyed three of their military vehicles.

The Syrian forces also targeted an ISIS military vehicle in Hawija al-Sakar-al-Jafra passage, Southeast of Deir Ezzur, with missiles which smashed the vehicle and killed or wounded all the militants inside.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army troops had also clashed with ISIS terrorists near al-Thardah mountain and Deir Ezzur airbase, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

The army men engaged in heavy fighting with ISIS near al-Thardah mountain Southwest of Deir Ezzur city, while other units of the army engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists near the Airbase South of the city.

Fighting has been underway between the army men and ISIS terrorists in al-Thardah mountain and South of the airbase ever since the US-led coalition airstrikes on Syrian army positions near Deir Ezzur two months ago.

In the meantime, the army men repelled ISIS's attack to capture al-Jafrah to arrive at the Eastern gate of Deir Ezzur airbase.

Based on the latest reports from the battlefields, most clashes are underway in areas South and Southeast of Deir Ezzur airbase, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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