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Syria voices support for citizens in occupied Golan

Syria stressed occupied Syrian Golan is an integral part of Syrian territories and it will work to restore it sooner or later, voicing support to Syrian civilians of occupied Golan in resisting Israeli occupation and illegitimate local councils elections.

In two identical letters directed to the UN Secretary General and UNSC President on the socalled local council elections. the Israeli authorities want to hold in the occupied Syrian Golan, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the occupation authorities are determined to hold elections of the socalled local councils. in the villages of Majdal Shams, Boqatha, Masa'ada, and Ain Qenia in the occupied Syria Golan, which contradicts UN resolutions and the Geneva agreements on territories under control of occupation, selecting 30/10/2018 as date for these elections, SANA reported.

The Ministry said that the occupation authorities have been imposing these councils by force throughout the past years, contrary to the will and desire of the Syrians living in the occupied Syrian territories.

Throughout the past few weeks, the Syrian citizens have organized protests in rejection of these elections. They burned the election cards and they condemned the attempts of the Israeli occupation's forces to impose the Israeli laws on them by force,. it added.

As an example of the Israeli barbarism, the occupation authorities mobilized soldiers to suppress protest marches, and fired toxic gases in the town of Majdal Shams where there were cases of suffocation among children, the elderly, and women during their confrontation of the Israeli occupation forces,. the Ministry continued to say.

The Ministry stressed that the Israeli authorities' actions seek to give legitimacy to illegitimate institutions representing the occupation authorities, which is an attempt to pass their Judaization, settlement, and racist schemes.

The Ministry concluded by saying that the Syrian Arab Republic affirms that these Israeli aggressive and provocative procedures will lead to more tension and escalation of the situation in the occupied Syrian Golan and the region, thus it urges the UNSC to condemn these Israeli transgressions against the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan, and compel Israel to adhere to the relevant UN and UNSC resolutions, and to stop its illegal settlement policies.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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