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Syrian Army Continues Operations against Militants in Eastern Regions of Aleppo

Pro-government sources in Aleppo resumed their offensive in Bostan al-Basha with massive missile and artillery fire on terrorists' positions after seizing control over several residential complexes last week.

The army forces and its popular allies, supported by the air force, launched massive offensive on militants' gathering centers in Bostan al-Basha and tried to advance in the region from al-Maydan and Sulaiman al-Halabi districts.

At present, the army and Hezbollah forces are in control of over 75% of the strategic region.

Reports said last Sunday that a long convoy of more Syrian army soldiers arrived in Aleppo to join the government forces' anti-terrorism operation in the Eastern districts of the city.

"Several hundred soldiers arrived in Aleppo province to join the army men and Liwa al-Quds forces' operation in the neighborhoods of Ba'aeidin, Bostan al-Basha and Hananou," military sources said.

"Hundreds more of army soldiers are also due to enter Aleppo province in the next few days," another source disclosed.

The source said that army forces are fully ready to enter the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, adding, "The army's special forces and commandoes have deployed in positions overlooking the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, waiting for their commanders' order to start their operation," FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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