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Syrian army fortifies positions around al-Safa hills, Sweida

Tehran, Syrian Arab Army units and the allied forces continued operations against Daesh (ISIS) dens and fortifications in al-Safa hills, the last stronghold for the takfiri terrorist organization in Sweida province's eastern badiya (desert), SANA reported.

The army units fortified their positions in the vicinity of al-Safa hills, tightening the noose around the encircled Daesh pockets, responding with the appropriate weapons to any hostile attempt by terrorists to break the siege imposed on them, SANA reporter said.

The army's air force and artillery launched accurate strikes against Daesh dens and fortified positions in al-Safa hill, which has a rough terrain replete with rocks, ditches, and gorges, inflicting heavy losses on them in personnel and equipment.

Later, the reporter said that an army unit targeted a terrorist group that was moving in the surroundings of Qabr al-Sheikh Yassin area southwest of the hills, destroying two vehicles, one equipped with a heavy machinegun and the other equipped with an anti-air machinegun.

The army also targeted another group near Ghanem hill east of the hills, which resulted in destroying a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun, while another army units apprehended five terrorists.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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