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Syrian Army Heavy Clashes with Militants in Western Aleppo

The Syrian Central Military Media (SCMM) released footage on Thursday showing heavy fighting allegedly in the area of Minian, in western Aleppo.

Tanks, howitzers, and aircraft missiles bombarded parts of the city, and numerous explosions and plumes of smoke and dust could be seen on the skyline.

According to SCMM, the Syrian army and its allies repelled an attack by armed factions in a central suburb of western Aleppo, and that violent confrontations took place leading to significant losses in the ranks of the militants.

Meanwhile, a temporary halt in fighting announced by Russia to allow Syrian rebels and residents to leave the besieged eastern parts of Aleppo went into effect on Friday, with activists reporting a relative calm in the city.

However, by early afternoon, state media said seven mortar shells from the rebel-held side of the city hit one of the corridors opened for those wanting to leave eastern Aleppo.

The State TV said a correspondent for a pro-government station was wounded by shrapnel. It was the first major violation of the halt in fighting, unilaterally announced by Russia.

The Syrian government has largely abided by the halt and there has been no reported shelling or violence in the besieged part of the city. The pause comes amid the ongoing rebel offensive on the western, government-held part of the city, which began last week.

Source: Al Alam

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