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Syrian Army Intense Clash with Militants in Eastern Aleppo Province

Footage provided by the media arm of the Syrian military showed intense battles in the streets of eastern Aleppo, where government and allied troops have been advancing for days.

The footage, said to be filmed on Monday, shows fighters firing machine guns mounted on jeeps, and the aftermath of the bombing of what appears to be rebel positions.

The Syrian Central Military Media said the fighting was taking place in the center of the rebel-held enclave, in the districts of Saif al-Dawla and al-Zabadiyeh. It also shows gunfire spreading over a wide area, as smoke fills the skies from the clashes.

Since their ground offensive last week, government and allied troops have pushed their way into the enclave under rebel control since 2012. Thousands fled the fighting, either to government-controlled areas or deeper into eastern Aleppo.

Rebel fighters have attempted to prevent the advances, but district after district continue to fall to government control each day.

The Syrian government on Tuesday said it rejects any cease-fire for embattled Aleppo unless it includes the departure of all rebels from the eastern part of the city.

The statement came a day after Russia and China blocked a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council demanding a seven-day truce in Aleppo.

Source: Al Alam

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