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Syrian Army Pounds Al-Nusra Front Centers Heavily in Dara’a

Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) suffered a heavy death toll and its bases in Dara'a and other regions across the province sustained major damage in the Syrian Army troops' attacks and ambush operations.

The army soldiers targeted movements of a group of terrorists near the town of al-Yadoudeh in Northern Dara'a, leaving most of the militants dead and their weapons destroyed.

The Syrian soldiers also ambushed a group of terrorists near the village of Sukereh in Barraq region in Northern Dara'a, killing 12 militants and wounding several more.

Terrorists' military equipment and arms were destroyed in the ambush too.

The army men also hit Fatah al-Sham's position in Baq (gardern) al-Yarmouk in Dara'a al-Balad district, leaving several militants dead.

In the meantime, a base of the terrorists in al-Abbasiyeh neighborhood came under attack by the Syrian army and left most of the terrorists dead.

A number of militants were also killed after their positions in the Northern side of the refugee camp in Dara'a al-Balad was targeted by the army men.

The entire members of a terrorist group were killed in army's ambush near the neighborhood of Ba'ar Um al-Daraj in Bjabjeh in Dara'a al-Balad district, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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