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Syrian Army Repels Terrorists’ Group Offensive in Lattakia

Syrian Army troops have fended off terrorist groups' offensive on government forces' positions in Northeastern Lattakia, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The army soldiers repelled terrorists' attack to capture the strategic town of Ein Issa.

The army men also clashed with militants of Jeish al-Fatah, including those from Chechnya and Caucasus region, who stormed government positions in villages near the border with Turkey and along Turkmen mountain; FNA reported.

Terrorists started their attack from the surroundings of Ein Issa from the direction of the villages of Sallour, Qalabeh and Shahroureh.

The army troops, who had been deployed in Ein Issa and al-Jahar mount, overlooked the region and managed to prevent terrorists' advances towards Ein Issa.

The terrorist groups left behind at least 16 dead and many more wounded members and retreated from the battlefield towards the village of Sallour.

If Ein Issa was captured by the militants, other nearby regions including Hasamo, Beit Laman and al-Hajar mount could be under militants' threat.

lso, the army troops and their allies also clashed with the militants who sought to enter the army's positions in Ein Issa near Turkmen mount in Lattakia on Thursday and killed a large number of terrorists and forced others to flee the battleground.

The Syrian air and ground forces, meantime, targeted the terrorists' gathering centers in Kabani district in Kurds mountain.

Source: Al Alam

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