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Syrian Army Uncovers Gas Masks, Weapons Left Behind by ISIS in Al-Hasakah City

The Syrian Arab Army's 123rd Brigade of the 3rd Armored Division has unearthed a large tunnel built by the Islamic State ( IS / ISIL / ISIS / Daesh ) of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) to store weapons and supplies in order to continue their fight inside the Al-Ghuweiran Quarter of Al-Hasakah City during their offensive in July of 2015.

According to a military source from the National Defense Forces (NDF) inside Al-Hasakah City, the SAA's 123rd Brigade discovered this small tunnel in the Al-Ghuweiran Quarter after they cleared the remaining IEDs that ISIS set around these once densely populated neighborhoods in the provincial capital;almasdarnews reported.

The NDF source in Al-Hasakah added that the soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army's 123rd Brigade discovered a large supply of gas masks, automatic weapons, ammunition, IED materials, canned food, first-aid kits, telecommunication devices, and toiletries before all provisions were confiscated inside this tunnel.

The gas masks are somewhat of a concern to the Syrian Arab Army, as ISIS has reportedly used mustard gas against the Islamist rebel forces in northern Aleppo, and sarin gas against the Peshmerga forces in the Kirkurk area of northwestern Iraq.

How did ISIS get their hands on these large quantities of chemical weapons? Currently, all sides in this conflict have their theories, but they possess little facts to back up the allegations.

Source: Al Alam

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