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Syrian Army’s Artillery Fire Inflicts Major Losses on Terrorists near Kuweires Airbase

Syrian Army's artillery units opened heavy fire at the gatherings of the terrorists East of Aleppo province, killing at least 17 militants and destroying their vehicles.

The army's artillery units shelled terrorists' concentration centers and movements in a region between Air Force Academies (South of Kuweires) and the town of Deir Hafer (East of Kuweires), claiming the lives of at least 17 militants and destroying their vehicles; FNA reported.

Military sources disclosed on Thursday that a large number of Syrian soldiers are deployed at Kuweires airbase to start military operations against the terrorists in al-Bab Northeast of Aleppo province.

"Hundreds of Syrian soldiers are now in Kuweires airbase 40 kilometers to the east of Aleppo city to start al-Bab military operations against the ISIL terrorist group," the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

The source said that the Syrian army has sent around 1,000 reinforcement troops to the Eastern countryside of Aleppo to start the operation that aims to create a safe zone in areas in the vicinity of Kuweires airbase, including al-Bab.

"The Syrian government troops' military operation in al-Bab region is also meant to block further advances of the Turkey-backed terrorists in al-Bab region," the source added.

Source: Al Alam

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