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Syrian Fighter Jets Pound Terrorists’ Vehicles in Idlib

A long column of the terrorist groups' military vehicles heading towards Aleppo battlefields have been targeted in the Syrian warplanes' attacks in Idlib province.

The Syrian fighter jets pounded tens of terrorists' vehicles in Idlib province heading towards Aleppo battlefield to join their comrades in the Great Epic Operation.

Informed sources said that the Syrian Air Force has concentrated its attacks on the supply routes of the terrorists, adding that "the very good coverage of Syrian warplanes and reconnaissance flights have not allowed logistical supplies and fresh forces to Aleppo"; FNA reported.

In relevant developments in the province last week, the Syrian Air Force conducted precision airstrikes on terrorists' gathering and their convoys in at least two locations South of Idlib province and inflicted loss and damage on the militants, local sources said.

"The Syrian warplanes targeted the terrorist groups' gathering and convoys of their vehicles on the move in two villages of Tara'a and Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib, killing scores of militants and destroying their military vehicles," the sources said.

In the meantime, the Syrian jets bombed terrorists' positions in Mara'a al-Misrin in Northern Idlib and destroyed the terrorists' military equipment and several heavy machine-gun mounted pickup trucks, with local sources reporting casualties on the militants as a result of the aerial attacks.

In a separate development in Idlib province, the Russian Air Force carried out several airstrikes over the province, targeting Jeish Al-Fatah's positions near the provincial capital.

According to a field correspondent, the Russian Air Force conducted more than 10 airstrikes over Idlib province, striking Jeish Al-Fatah positions in Idlib City, Binnish, Taftanaz, and Ma'arat Al-Nu'man.

Source: Al Alam

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