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Syrian Jets Target Some Terrorist Positions in East Aleppo: AFP

Syrian army resumed airstrikes on remaining rebel-held territory in east Aleppo on Friday, AFP quoted report of opposition London based group called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Bombardments happen after witnesses says terrorist group in Aleppo Prevent people to exit from the conflict zone.

Syria Army suspended its military operation to prepare a safe passage for civilian to exit from besieged city.

In the hours after the announcement, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and an AFP correspondent in east Aleppo said air strikes had halted, but heavy artillery fire continued.

Military sources say that shelling in small scale happened for targeting terrorist gathering centers who decide to stay in the city and use civilians as human shields.

There were no immediate details of casualties in the strikes.

Syria's government has retaken at least 85 percent (Syria says 93 percent) of east Aleppo, which fell to rebels in 2012, since beginning its operation on November 15.

Source: Al Alam

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