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Syrian Opposition Group Asks Israel to Help Topple Bashar Assad

An obscure Syrian opposition group of unclear origin called Israel to help them overthrow the Syrian government.

A Syrian opposition group called Halas Watani issued a statement to Tel Aviv, offering to join forces in order to overthrow the Syrian government and topple Bashar Assad, Sputnik reported.

However, it remains unclear exactly whom this group represents and how much popular support it enjoys.

Firas Hadgi Yahya, a lawyer and member of the Syrian opposition, told Sputnik that virtually no one has ever heard of Halas Watani prior to the aforementioned statement, and that this group has no reputation or experience as far as politics are concerned.

The lawyer insisted that such statement couldn't have been issued by a Syrian citizen because it contradicts the interests of the Syrian people who support Palestinians in their struggle with Israel and would never betray them.

On Friday, December 2, an obscure Syrian opposition group called Halas Watani disseminated a video where a man calling himself Fahd Misri (Egyptian Leopard) urged other Middle Eastern nations, including Israel, to band together and work with the UN to topple Bashar Assad.

Source: Al Alam

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