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Tajik PM stresses expansion of all-out ties with Iran

Tehran, IRNA Tajikistan's Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda in a meeting with Iran's outgoing Ambassador Hojatullah Faqani emphasized expansions of comprehensive relations between Iran and his country.

'Our leadership emphasizes the expansion of economic, commercial and investment cooperation with Iran. We demand an increase in the volume of trade exchanges, especially the strengthening of investments and presence of Iran in the agricultural, energy, industry and tourism sectors of Tajikistan,' Rasulzoda said, during a farewell visit by the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Thursday.

Saying that the capacities of the two countries are far beyond their current trade figures, the Tajik Prime Minister reiterated 'It is necessary to take various measures, especially in the Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation of the two countries, as well as setting up trade fairs and conferences, strengthening the private sector and inter-provincial and inter-city cooperation to realize these capacities.'

Rasulzoda also hailed Iran for its investment in Tajikistan's major infrastructure projects, including the construction of the Sangtudeh2 power plant, the Esteqlal Tunnel, and Rogun Dam and power plant, and called for the development of such joint cooperation.

The Iranian ambassador, for his part pointed to Iran and Tajikistan's commonalities and said that in recent years, certain third parties have been trying to exploit and sow discord between the two countries

But they have fortunately failed thanks to determination of the high-ranking authorities and presidents of the two nations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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