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Tajikistan seeking to boost interaction with Hamedan: Envoy

Hamedan, Tajikistan Ambassador to Iran Nematullo Emomzoda said on Friday that his country is seeking to increase interaction with Hamedan province in various fields such as tourism and economy.

Addressing a meeting of Hamedan province's economic activists with foreign countries' ambassadors, he added that Hamedan and Tajikistan boast of cultural commonalties, an outstanding example of which is the tomb of Mir Seyed Ali Hamedani in Koulab, Tajikistan.

Tajkistan has started interactions with Hamedan since past years and currently it is seeking to promote cooperation with the province in cultural, economic and social fields, he said.

Emomzoda contended that most of the countries' economic growth depends on tourism industry.

Director General of province's Economic Affairs and Finance Department Seyyed Nasser Mahmoudi told the same meeting that investment is of high importance for the Iranian government, as it extends all-out support to the field.

Majlis has passed progressive laws in a bid to attract further capitals, he said.

Hamedan was designated a capital of tourism in the ancient continent of Asia in 2018. It is currently hosting ambassadors of several foreign countries and dozens of representatives.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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