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Taliban Kill 23 Civilians in Afghanistan: Police

Taliban insurgents have killed 23 civilians after they lost 29 of their fighters in an abortive attack on police in southern Afghanistan, police sources said Friday.

"The Taliban insurgents have launched coordinated attacks on police checkpoints in Nesh district of Kandahar yesterday (Thursday), and they faced resistance from Afghan forces," Kandahar police said in a press statement; AFP reported.

"Following the Taliban attack, 29 Taliban fighters were killed and a number of others sustained injuries, and large numbers of weapons and ammunition were confiscated from them," the statement added.

"The brutal enemy after suffering defeat against Afghan forces, took their revenge by killing 23 civilians including five children and two women," it said.

The police statement said the Taliban had sought refuge in the homes of civilians and killed them after they opposed the insurgents.

According to Nesh district police commander Niaz Mohammed the attacks occurred Wednesday and Thursday.

"After their defeat, the Taliban wanted to hide in the houses and when the civilians showed their opposition, the Taliban killed them."

Source: Al Alam

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