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Taliban retreats from Afghan city of Ghazni: Sources

Kabul, Members of terrorist group of Taliban have retreated from the city of Ghazni, central-east of Afghanistan, after hours long clash with government forces, a local police officer said on Friday.

At least 150 Taliban fighters have been killed in the clash that began at 1 am on Friday, Police Commander in Ghazni Province Farid Mashal said.

Some 40 bodies of the invaders have been left behind, and sporadic clashes are going on in the suburb, he said.

Without giving any figure on government forces' death toll, the commander said 10 military forces have been injured in the fighting.

Some sources have confirmed the death of one of the Afghan security forces.

Mohammad yousef Amiri, a member of provincial council, told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that special forces of Afghan Army have entered to prop up the military forces in Ghazni.

Taliban has admitted its defeat and thus withdrew from the city, he said.

An eye witness told IRNA that five members of a family in the city have been killed in a mortar attack of Taliban.

Residents of Ghazni earlier on Friday said the city was on the verge of fall as the Taliban forces had entered the city.

Ghazni, 145 kilometers from the capital city Kabul, is a province that has been under control of Taliban in the past.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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