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Taller than Statue of Liberty VID: Giant Dome Ready to be Placed over Chernobyl’s Doomed Reactor

The world's largest metal moveable structure will be unveiled Tuesday over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant's doomed fourth reactor in Ukraine to ensure the safety of future generations across Europe.

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The giant arch - nearly as long as two football pitches and taller than New York's Statue of Liberty - will edge into place over an existing crumbling dome that the Soviets constructed in haste when disaster struck three decades ago on April 26.

Radioactive fallout from the site of the world's worst civil nuclear accident contaminated Ukraine and spread across three-quarters of Europe.

Work on the previous safety dome began after a 10-day fire caused by the explosion was contained but as radiation still spewed.

It was done through the super-human efforts of thousands of ordinary people, the Chernobyl museum's deputy chief Anna Korolevska said, AFP reported.

Source; Al Alam

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