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Tehran condemns Yemeni students’ massacre

Tehran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Thursday condemned massacre of Yemeni students by the Saudi-UAE planes.

Qasemi voiced sympathy with the survivors of the victims of the Saudi-UAE planes' 'war crime' in targeting a bus in which Yemeni students were aboard.

The event killed or injured tens of innocent children.

Qasemi asked the international communities and human rights bodies to use any possible means to prevent continuation of such crimes by the countries invading Yemen.

He said intensification of bombardment of residential regions and targeting civilian areas are a sign of consecutive failures of the coalition forces in the battle fronts.

He voiced sorrow over continuation of arms support of the so-called advocates of human rights for Saudis and the UAE and said, 'They (the so-called advocates of human rights) are accomplices in the war crimes and should be held accountable.'

Qasemi urged the UN and the influential countries to build-up efforts to immediately halt the attacks and take necessary measures to protect safety and security of civilians, especially women and children.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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