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Tehran-Kabul cooperation growing in all fields

Tehran, Afghanistan's Ambassador to Iran Nasir Ahmad Nour said on Saturday that Iran-Afghanistan cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and security fields are growing.

Addressing a ceremony marking the 99th anniversary of Afghanistan's independence held in the country's embassy in Tehran, he added, We are happy to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Afghanistan's independence in the capital of the friendly and brotherly country. Iran and Afghanistan are the two neighboring states with the same culture, language and history.

The two countries are determined to continue cooperation at bilateral, regional and international levels and deal jointly with common challenges, he said.

The most important challenge is fighting extremism, violence and terrorism faced by Afghanistan and its neighbors, he said.

Nobody can divide terrorism into good and bad, as good terrorism does not exist at all and any good person and group never commits acts of terrorism, the envoy said.

He said that the countries' serious and sincere collaboration with Afghanistan will be an effective and suitable response to the challenges.

Convergence and economic development in the region is closely linked to regional peace and stability, he said, noting that supporting peace and security in Afghanistan will contribute to regional peace and stability.

Afghan international and regional partners are supporting peace initiative in the country both in Kabul and Tashkent meetings and called on Taliban to cease terror attacks and opt for peace through dialogue, Ahmad Noor said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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