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Tehran to host 5th int’l meeting on Persian language next week

Tehran, The fifth round of meeting on Persian language will be held in Tehran on July 29 with participation of the language professors and learners from 12 countries plus a number of their Iranian colleaguess.

The 85th round of forums on cultivating knowledge on Persian language will be discussed by some 44 foreign guests from Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia, India, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Denmark, Serbia, Syria, Albania, Uganda and Kenya at the meeting titled after the saying Persian is Sugar.

The course is tailored with the goal of increasing the knowledge of professors' who teach Persian as the second language to speakers of other languages.

The participants, who have been referred to the course by the cultural offices of Iran in the countrie's embassies, as well as Sa'adi Foundation, will get updated on the latest methods of teaching language skills.

They will visit tourist sites in Tehran, including Chitgar Lake, and some ancient and religious places in the city as well as Isfahan and Semnan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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