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Tehran to host regional security meeting

Tehran, A day-long meeting of senior national security officials of five countries of the region will be held on September 26 in Tehran.

At the upcoming meeting that will be hosted by Islamic Republic of Iran's Secretariat Supreme National Security Council, the ways of fighting terrorism, extremism and new threats posed by the phenomena in West Asia will be discussed.

The participants of the forum who will be national security secretaries and advisors of Iran, Russia, China, India and Afghanistan, will also hold bilateral meetings and talks.

The forum will come less than a week after a terrorist attack on a military parade in southwestern Iran that left 25 people, including children, killed.

A group, calling itself al-Ahwazieh, has claimed responsibility of Saturday deadly attack.

Scores of leaders and countries across the world have condemned the terrorist attack.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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