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TehranBaghdad sports cooperation to increase

Tehran,Iraqi Sports Minister emphasized the growing cooperation on sport with Iran, saying that with the coordination and cooperation of sports between Tehran and Baghdad, two sides are working to enhance the capabilities of the two countries in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

"I am grateful to the generous Iranian nation and state," said Iraqi Sports Minister Ahmed Riaz on Wednesday in a meeting with the heads of sports federations attended by senior Iranian sports officials at the National Olympic Academy.

Ahmadiyadh expressed his satisfaction with presence among the sports figures, who fought in venues that were not less than the battlefield.

The Iraqi official went on to say that during his time in Iran, he will visit the sports facilities of Tehran and Isfahan, and he was present here to bring the agreements into effect.

Riaz stated, "We have upcoming 2020 Olympics and we are working to improve the capabilities of the two countries by coordinating and cooperating with the sports federations of Tehran and Baghdad."

Ahmed Riaz, a new Iraqi sports minister, traveled to Tehran to visit Iran's sporting venues and meet with senior sports officials and will return to Baghdad on Friday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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