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TehranDamascus ties based on mutual trust: Syrian lawmaker

Damascus, Relations between Iran and Syria are based on mutual trust, and no relation with other countries will ever harm the ties, a Syrian lawmaker said.

With a look at the two countries' relations, it can be said that the alliance is of a new type and ultrastrategic, based on full mutual trust between the leadership of both countries, Secretary of Syrian Parliament Khaled Abboud told IRNA.

"It should be noted that sometimes positions of the two countries fail to tune up but the contradiction will not affect their relations. For instance, the relations between Syria and Turkey are dominated by a war atmosphere, but those of Iran and Turkey are of a different type," he said.

The condition can be understood as a joint political operation room for distribution of parts, the Syrian lawmaker said adding that the same coordination is true when it comes to economic and social relations.

When there are threats, Tehran is beside Damascus, he said. The Syrian legislator believed that the relations are extraordinary.

"Founding an axis, the relations could foil a set of plots in the region; plots that were meant to create a new region on people's dead bodies," Abboud said.

Commenting on Syrian refugees, he said Damascus will welcome those who flew the country in the war era.

When asked about the role of the US in Syria's crisis, Abboud said that the American aggression against the country took various forms at various stages.

"At the first phase, Washington tried to portray situation in Syria as a popular uprising against the country's government and President Bashar AlAssad," he said.

The second phase was an armed one, assuming that the Syrian government can be ousted by taking control of a part of the country. At this stage, the Egyptian scenario was implemented, followed by that of Libya.

The third phase was characterized by sanctions against Syrian people, as they included ban of medicine and goods that affect people's livelihood.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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