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Tehrans first petro museum opens to public

Tehran, The third petrol station in the Iranian capital, Tehran, opened in 1940, has turned into a museum of the Iranian oil industry.

Petrol Station #6, located at the historic Darvazeh Dowlat district in downtown Tehran opened during the first Pahlavi dynasty in a bid to distribute Kerosene, petrol and a famous pesticide called Emshi.

The now petrol station museum will display documents about oil products distribution such as transit and discharging them in various petrol stations in Iran.

An old car that belonged to Tondguyan, ex Iranian petroleum minister who was captured and martyred by the Iraqi forces in November 1980 during IranIraq war, is on display in the new museum.

The oil industry started 110 years ago in Iran, thats why Iran Petroleum Museum and Documents Center was set up to prevent destruction of old houses and oil installations in Tehran, Masjed Soleiman and Abadan, said Akbar Nematollahi, head of Iran Petroleum Museum and Documents Center.

The center is about to open two other petromuseums in the Iranian cities of Kerman and Sabzevar. It has also preserved 20 million documents about the oil industry in Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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