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Terrorism, extremism enemies of divine religions

Tehran, Majlis Vice Speaker Ali Motahhari described terrorism and extremism as enemy of divine religions, saying that Islam and Christianity have always underlined peaceful coexistence among followers of divine religions.

In a meeting with a member of Russian Duma Sergey Gavrilov late Wednesday, he referred to commonalities between Majlis (Iran's parliament) and Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodox Christian States, adding that serious attention to divine religions and crucial role of religion are among the major commonalities which can be used for solving cultural and religious problems facing the societies.

Noting that extremism is a serious hurdle in the way of establishing justice and security in the world, he said dialogue among the Islamic and Christian thinkers can help promote proximity among the societies.

Presence of three Christian MPs in Majlis indicates the right to elect of followers of divine religions in Iran and their equal rights with other Muslim Iranians, he said.

Gavrilov, for his part, appreciated Iran's support for the Christians residing in Iran, Syria and Iraq, saying that Orthodox Christians will never forget the Iranian nation and government's backing of the Christians besieged by terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

Head of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodox Christian States also welcomed development of all-out ties between Assembly of Orthodox Christians States and Islamic organizations.

Gavrilov expressed condolences over martyrdom of Iranian civilians and military personnel in Ahvaz and underlined the need for uprooting terrorism in Middle East and all countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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