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Terrorist shelling attacks in Aleppo kill 1, injures 5

Tehran, A woman was martyred and 5 civilians were injured on Saturday in a series of terrorist attacks with rocket shells on the residential neighborhoods in the towns of Nubbul and al-Zahraa in Aleppo's northern countryside, Syrian news agency 'SANA' reported.

Terrorist groups positioned in Anadan town fired a number of rocket shells that landed on citizens' houses in the towns of Nubbul and al-Zahra as a woman was martyred and 5 civilians were injured, including three children, in addition to causing material damage to the houses, According to Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Army units retaliated to the attacks through targeting the areas from where the rocket shells were fired, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists in the personnel and equipment.

Aleppo is a city in Syria, serving as the capital of the Aleppo Governorate, the most-populous Syrian governorate.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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