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Terrorists’ Endeavor to Break Siege of Eastern Syria’s Aleppo Failed

Commander of Aleppo Liberation Operation said the terrorist groups have failed to break the army siege in Eastern Aleppo despite numerous attacks.

"The Syrian army and its allies started the operations in the Eastern parts of Aleppo and other regions to take out the terrorists and they will not stop until they suppress the last terrorist in the region," Colonel Fater Maihoub told FNA on Tuesday.

Asked about reports on the deployment of a large number of militants in the Eastern parts of Aleppo, he said, "The Syrian army and its allies are at the peak of preparedness to confront any attempt by the enemy."

He underlined his forces' power and said the terrorists have failed in their repeated attempts to break the siege of Eastern Aleppo.

"The forces who are fighting under the command of the Aleppo operations room enjoy high preparedness and state-of-the-art weapons and the army has managed to block any attempt by the terrorists to return the chaotic situation to the safe areas and break the siege," Maihoub said.

Reports from Eastern Aleppo said on Monday that the Syrian army has given a last chance to the terrorists in the Eastern parts of Aleppo to surrender now or never.

The army helicopters dropped thousands of "Surrender Now" leaflets, calling on the terrorists to take this last chance to surrender or leave the Eastern parts of the city.

The signature of the Syrian Army's General Command is down the leaflets that warn the present chance would not stand for long.

The army has vowed to seriously confront the terrorists if they do not leave the city through the safe corridors specified for them.

Source: Al Alam

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